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Principals Meeting Minutes
15 February 2011



Dean McDonnell, Judi Buckley, Jenny Clark, John Muir, Carolyn Osborne, James Eldridge, Paul Keogh, Alistair Paterson, Lorraine Stiles, Bob Marlow and Heather Brown.


The finance Report was discussed at the meeting and made easy by the fact that the Principals had been given a copy of this prior. Morning Tea and Lunch expenses for cluster events will continue with no set amount as the status quo seems to be working well. It was acknowledged that the cluster funds were 'in a good position' . Dean moved that the Finance Report be accepted and this was seconded.

General Business

  • Memorandum of Understanding has now been signed by all schools. The reasons for resigning were outlined by Dean, noting that there had been a need to acknowledge a change in personnel and a couple of updates in dates etc to make it current.
  • Key Dates and Host Schools:
Clustershares for this year:
Term 1 Matamata Int
Term 2 is the Cluster Conference held at the Intermediate
Term 3 will be held at Walton. The workshops for this clustershare will be an amalgamation of the 'Other' schools that have yet to contribute.
Term 4 Will be a cluster Finale hosted by Matamata Primary. This will give an opportunity for Teachers to provide workshops in areas that they have developed expertise, and be a step towards sustainability within the cluster.
  • The Lead Teacher Trip to Auckland was discussed with the general concensus being that the schools to be contact re a visit will be Pt England, Vauxhall and Murray’s Bay Int. Mission Heights is also a possibility but feelers are to be put out for other ideas and will be discussed after Learning at School.
  • TOD June 17th /Cluster Conference
A wiki page has been setup for this so that principals etc can have handle on the progress and organisation.
The Intermediate have kindly offered to host the day and will organise the Catering within their own school. They will contact their IT technician to see if he can be available for part of the day to ensure
that everything runs smoothly.
Jeni Wilson has been secured as a Keynote. Her focus will be on Inquiry: it was noted that it is important for her to discuss how there are several models that can be used but that it is the pedagogical understanding that is important for teachers to grasp.
Workshops were discussed and with a list of possibilities.
It was decided that it would be desirable to make these longer sessions to allow Jeni Wilson to have 2 hrs workshops as requested.
This extended time will be discussed with the other workshop presenters and either their workshops will run longer or we will look at 1hr tasters to suit.
A new timetable has been drafted with an earlier start time:

8.00 Meet and Greet
8.15 housekeepting
8.30 - 10.00 Keynote
10.00 - 10.30 MT
10.30 - 12.30 First Workshop
12.30 to 1.15 Lunch
1.15 to 3.15 2nd Workshop
Marion suggested a workshop with something special for T Aides which incorporates some basic skills could be offered. A survey will be conducted in each school to look at needs to help with organising this.

  • Learning at School Rooms booked at the Sudima Hotel $135 + GST per room.
A wiki page has been setup for Learning at School.
Schools are to make their own collective arrangements for dinner on the Wednesday night.
Thursday's cluster meeting at the susima -details are on the wiki.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Lead Teacher Job Description was discussed, with the sharing of Hinuera's as a sample. The contract documentation does not include one of these and it has been left up to schools to review this and decide on the relevance for their school. It was noted that this is often important for the ICT Manager role itself and possibly appraisal.
  • A Smart Survey has been placed on the wiki and is available for schools who wish to use it.
  • Milestone Goal 1 Digital Citizenship / Kuranui's Passport to success. Jenny shared the implementation plan that has been developed for teachers and students at Kuranui. This will be their focus for Goal 5 and will be documented for uploading to the VLN. Students have already been videoed as a benchmark for their understand of what it means to be a good digital citizen and will be videoed again at the end of the year. The emphasis on developing safety on line will be a continuous process. Their message is that qualities of a good citizen extends beyond the gate. Superclubsplus—Carolyn discussed the session with Jan coleman and their school’s view on usage and whether implementation will happen at MPS.
  • Milestone Goal 5 was discussed and a view to evidence gathering. CaseNotes -Teacher Inquiry have been added as a supporting link.
    Lorraine shared what she is doing this year and the process of reflection that has led to this.
    Schools/Teachers need to document the journey electronically.
  • The idea of schools developing a student Survey for their schools was discussed with an example made available. This has been left to individual schools to decide on its relevance for them.
  • Workshops after school will be organised within the cluster on a needs basis. Teachers are to be surveyed. Teachers with expertise will be asked to help run these and offer them both within schools and the cluster as a whole. This should help with sustainability beyond the contract.
  • Staff Meeting Support material and a professional reading with a focus on change of practise and understanding of a constructivist approach has been added to the wiki for school use.

The meeting concluded at 12.15, followed by a light lunch made available by St Josephs.