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So it's nearly Christmas......

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The ICT PD Online newsletter for 10 December 2010 is now online Click here
Included in the Newsletter is mention of ICT PD contract variations for next year. In 2011 there will be an increased emphasis on professional reflection in milestone reporting. Clusters are required to develop their progress reporting for a national audience of their peers .These reports will be shared with the sector online in the Virtual Learning Network [VLN] (http://www.vln.school.nz/). Virtual Learning Network: a portal to rule them all?

Also featured is Amy Park is a year 3 teacher from Alberta Canada. Amy has found that blogging and videoing children‚ provides parents with a window to the classroom and helps them feel more connected and better able to be a partner in the learning process.


The ICT PD Online newsletter for 26 November 2010 is now online Click here
Feature Video
Kym Nadebaum - Seven lesson I have learned about digital media

awards-logo-2010-sml.gifThis year’s winners
It is always good to see what other Educators are up to and have a bench mark of what is seen to be effective and perhaps innovative.


Best Use of a Free Web 2.0 Tool


Terry Casey, Morrinsville Intermediate
Lara Hearn-Rollo, Queen’s High School

Best Class Blog

Stephen Baker, Russell Street School
The Ins and Outs
Barri Dullabh, Discovery School
The BD Class Blog


Other finalists in this year’s awards

Best Use of a Free Web 2.0 Tool

Hamish McLean

Katikati School - Wikispaces
Nick Wiffen
Motueka High School - QR Codes
Rob Clarke
Burnham School - Google Apps

Best Class Blog

Katrina Groombridge

Manchester Street School - Room D’s Learning Journey
Claire Buist
St Clair School - Super 7 Scoopers
Julie Walkley
Russell Street School - The Rockets
The ICT PD Online newsletter for 12 November 2010 is now online Click here


Clustershares are an integral part of our learning community, a place to share practice and support one another.

An important part of this is networking, making connections and being challenged whether it be as a presenter or with new ideas. Visiting other classrooms and looking at how others are embedding new learning into their class programme is a powerful way to work towards our shared goals. Together we need to be committed to improving student learning through new ways of teaching.

Thanks Matamata Primary for your great organisation, welcoming hospitality and the Ahhhhh moments for teachers to reflect on and take back to their classrooms.

A big focus for Firth has been the set up of a school wide news blog with a team of bloggers.
These student bloggers have been given specific responsibilities: One in charge of photos and videos, others as reporters and working with writing the stories. All are involved in the uploading of new info and blog layout etc...
This site is linked to the school website and has links to all the classroom blogs, a what's on diary, reports on current affairs, assembly items and lots more.
They have set up a youtube channel for the school as a place to store videos rather then on the blog as that would slow down the viewing of the blogs to visitors. Visitors are able to click on the link to the youtube channel.
And yes they do have talent!
Check out their visit from Mishmash TV through the video link.
Firth School News Blog: http://firthschoolnews.blogspot.com/


The ICT PD Online newsletter for 29 October 2010 is now online Click here
Featured in this newsletter:
Video - Stephen Heppell Ulearn10 keynote
Tricks, Tips and Web 2.0 Tools - Best of the web 2010
Primary News - Southwell School - At last voice recognition is finally getting there
Resources - Global communities in NZ schools, Twitter network, Scribd - The important role Web 2.0 will play in education
Another Perspective - Martin Hughes - "I just don't have time for this"
Ministry News - Learning without limits seminar updates, Software for Learning and Digistore news
Extra - Tedtalks, Gordon Brown - Wiring a web for global good
Digital Citizenship - module
The "Outlook For Someday" short film competition
Sustainability is….
Our environment, our biodiversity, our life, community development, social justice, peace, health, human rights, cultural identity, science, innovation, creativity, diversity, leadership, enterprise, citizenship…
The Winning Films from The Outlook for Someday 2010 have now been announced.
Check out Sam the Superworm and The Kaitiaki Children and the Birds.

2010 K-12 Online Conference

Check It Out: in previous years there have been inspiring educators sharing there practise with the world, and great ideas to take away or reflect on.
K-12 Online Conference invites participation from teachers around the world interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This conference is FREE and open to everyone. The 2010 conference theme is "Cultivating the Future." This year it begins with a pre-conference keynote the week of October 11, 2010. The following two weeks, October 18 and October 25, forty presentations will be posted online to a conference blog and conference Ning for participants to view, download, and discuss. Over 160 presentations from 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006 are available, along with archived live events!
Included is a presentation by Kathy Cassidy:

“Using Web 2.0 Tools in a Grade One.

Kathy is a grade one teacher who is very interested in the ways in which technology can support student learning. She began building her website several years ago and was able to do some unique things applicable to her grade level because of Grassroots funding. This is Kathy’s third year of blogging with her class. Last year they also used wikis and began podcasting.e Classroom”
Blog: http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=1337


The ICT PD Online newsletter for 15 October 2010 is now online Click here

Education Consultant Julia Atkin shares some of the key principles she has formed over her 30 years in education, including the importance of working in an environment of trust and mutual respect, and the importance of enabling learners to drive their own learning. In this EDtalk Julia shares many valuable messages for teachers and school leaders.
Learning without Limits - ultra fast broadband in schoolsThe FAQs, a video of the presentation and supporting documents can be viewed and downloaded at http://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Leading-change/Learning-without-limits
ICT_Newsletter_logo.jpegclick here

Featuring:Tagxedo, tag cloud with styles. Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, into stunning tag clouds, words are individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies within the body of text.Feature VideoCreating a thinking generation:Sharon Friesen (Galileo) suggests we need to prepare a thinking generationwho ask questions of the world, requiring teachers to be guides and facilitatorsof learning.

Christchurch Earthquake: Map Incident Map What's working Map Stories

In response to Christchurch's recent earthquake, a new wiki has been created by Jill hammonds @ http://earthquake-shakeup.wikispaces.com/ The Children too have a voice and their stories can be viewed here. www.whenmyhomeshook.co.nz.

This is designed to be a truly interactive collaborative teaching and learning opportunity!
Jill has added that: "Over the next weeks we hope this will be a place where schools, students, experts and other interested people from around the world will come and share their ideas and experiences around earthquakes. This is a collaborative project opportunity, and the collaboration extends out to helping me design the inquiry and the wiki site. Please click on Edit on any of the pages and contribute your thoughts and ideas."
Claire Amos, facilitator for the ICTs in English community, has already contributed a couple of English specific strategies with links to related resources from English Online at http://earthquake-shakeup.wikispaces.com/Share+ideas*
Fiona Grant has also added some links to useful Digistore content and we welcome others to do the same.*
I have set up a social challenge - where people can either send messages or pledge funds to children, families and schools in Christchurch. If you are keen to take up the challenge, then go to http://earthquake-shakeup.wikispaces.com/Make+a+differenceThe wiki is open and public which means anyone can edit the site.

Learning and Teaching In Action
Thanks to you all, Tessa's visit to schools was a very rewarding day where she saw passionate teachers and switched on students - all very excited to share their journey. We know we have all come a distance. Thanks to all those teachers who shared so freely both during the day and at the Clustershare. It is not always an easy thing to do with your colleagues and peers.

Emerging Technologies Likely To Have Considerable Impact On Teaching
Of interest are Derek Wenmoth's look ahead into the future of education and his links to the Horizon Report
Education Applications for the iPod Touch (eLearning BOP)
50 Fun iPod aps to get kids reading and writing
Berkley Intermediate Hamilton - Apps we use
Apps for Special Education
Educational Origami - Andrew Churches' list of iPad Apps
Recommended iPod Aps - categorised by learning area, ability, age...
iPodTouch Classroom - a wiki of apps and uses

Engaging Students and Enhancing Learning: Facebook as an Instructional Technology Tool

The ICT PD Online newsletterfor 20 August 2010 is now online click here
Included in the Newsletter are Collaborative Project Opportunities for classes with Year 3 – 8 studentsJill Hammond travelled to calgary recently and established some links with classroom teachers who would enjoy engaging in some collaborative endeavour with NZ classrooms.Two of these teachers are part of the team coming to ULearn 2010 in October.
Often we talk about how to make our Blogs 'live' and find connections with others who will comment and contribute so this is a golden opportunity to get that happening.
Year 2-6 Classes
From Term 4 a chance for classes to blog with other schools to generate audience and feedback for writers, readers and presenters.
Check out the intentions of this project at
http://blogalong.wikispaces.com/ engine_starter.gif
Year 5-8 Classes
In Term 4 a chance to take part in a Physics Fun challenge using the free download Phun software to construct machines or vehicles using planes, levers, gears etc.
Year 5-8 Classes
– Science/Maths Inquiry
A chance to take part in a long-term study of water quality in our environment and the effects of agriculture, horticulture and industry. In this project schools in various parts of the world can contribute information about their local areas and take part in discussions around conservation. More information on this project will follow in future newsletters but a wiki has been set up for expressions of interest.
Year 5-8 Classes
- Social Studies Inquiry 2011
A chance to take part in a “First Nations” study with schools from other parts of the world. In this Inquiry classes would inquire into their own indigenous cultures and bring information forward to share with other classes.
Planning is only just starting for this project but expressions of interest to receive updates can be left at

Learning without Limits - ultra fast broadband in schools

Tessa Gray our National facilitator has accessed this ppt for those who recently attended the Learning without Limits ultra-fast broadband seminars.
She states there is a lot for schools to consider - now and in the very near future.
The presentation highlighted Ministry initiatives, up-coming trials and ultra-fast broadband possibilities and shared the evolution of teaching and learning tools and how pivotal good internet access is in an e-learning classroom.
Douglas shared the current reality in schools, where broadband speed and access is often inadequate therefore limiting learning potential.Along with the need for faster connection speeds, the presentation also highlighted schools’ common needs to address infrastructure - including costs associated with on-going maintenance, systems, networks and support.
The seminar outlined the Ministry’s vision and strategy for spending $1.5 billion investment on ultra-fast broadband to schools. This included details of how the Ministry plans to support rural and urban schools with the roll-out over the next year. The Ministry’s commitment to the ultra-fast broadband roll-out means that schools are continuing to be supported with SNUP (School Network Upgrade Project), hardware and software initiatives (TELA, software site licensing), building capability (ICT PD contract) and investigating the potential NEN (National Educational Network).


Digital Citizenship andCopyright

The ICT PD Digital Citizenship and copyright module has just been launched. The module will remain live after this time. This resource focuses on ethical practices online - in relation to intellectual property, copyright and plagiarism. It provides an Overview for understanding Creative Commons, software licensing, and Teaching about copyright. It outlines issues to consider, teacher and student created content.
Resources include- Current events, schools sharing, resources for schools. This resource encourages participants to interact with embedded media, each other and guest experts. The wiki will remain live as an ongoing learning opportunity for yourselves and others in your learning community.
Register your interest at Getting to know you.

The ICT PD Online newsletterfor 6 August 2010 is now online click here
The emerging list of top 100 tools for learning 2010 as of August 2, 2010.

Maori Language Week

26 July–1 August
Since 1975 New Zealand has marked Maori Language Week.
This is a time for all of us to celebrate te reo Maori and to use more Maori phrases in everyday life.

Resource Links

100 Maori words every New Zealander should know
Place Names
Interactive Quizzes
Digital Dialects
WickED Online Games, Maps and DictionariesMaori_Lang_1.pngMaori_Lang_2.png
The ICT PD Online newsletter for 23 July 2010 is now online click here

Check out

Edutopia -

The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Edutopia.org is a large online space with a rich plethora of leading-edge interactive tools and resources
"designed to connect and inspire positive change in all areas of education."

The George Lucas Educational Foundation was created to address the issue that education is slow to adapt to change in a highly transformative society.
Their vision was to "create a new world of learning" where innovation is the norm. A place called Edutopia.

Safe Mode for Youtube.
Learning Without Limits seminarsThe Ministry of Education is planning sessions in 19 locations around New Zealand in August and September 2010 to update schools on what’s happening, and how your school can prepare to access faster broadband. http://www.minedu.govt.nz/theMinistry/EducationInitiatives/UFBInSchools/Seminars.aspx
Topics will include:
  • an update on progress with the Government’s fibre rollout
  • latest developments on relevant initiatives such as the School Network Upgrade Project, the National Education Network trial extension, ICT PD and TELA - and how these potentially affect your school
  • what else we can do to help you get your school ready for the rollout.
Rochelle Jensen, eLearning Advisor
The ICT PD Online newsletter for 18 June 2010 is now online click here
World Cup - Just In Time Learning!
Send The All Whites a messageSend the All Whites a message of support via email to
info@nzfootball.co.nzOR Create a support message as a video and upload to your class blog.The link could then be forwarded to the all whites via the email address above.
Watch the videos
Watch the video on this page following the Italy All Whites Draw. Who is saying what?What is it like for the families who have travelled to support their teams and whanau. (kids are interviewed in this)
Player Profiles**http://www.allwhites.onsport.co.nz/player-profiles/**
World Cup Storieshttp://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/world.cup.stories
Video resources to use on a whiteboard from the BBC.Six personal stories from six different children who live in South Africa.They talk about their lives and also speak about the effects the World Cup 2010 has had on their local areasWorld Cup Commentaryhttp://www.theliteracyclub.com/teachers.html
Click on the arrows at the lower end of the page to see a range of ideas.The Literacy Club’s World Cup Commentator Challenge allows children to try their hand at being a football commentator by speaking along to this atmospheric backing track, complete with crowd noise, whistles and kicking sounds. Children can listen to a pre-recorded commentary on The Literacy Club website (http://www.theliteracyclub.com) and play the interactive World-wide Kick-about game. Alternatively, they could use the audio tracks to accompany their own commentaries, on real or imaginary football matches. The backing track is available at two speeds – slow or fast.http://www.thefa.com/
International Educationhttp://www.sunderlandschools.org/international/resources-worldcup2010.htm
National Geographic Kidshttp://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/places/find/south-africa/
Mama Lisa's Worldhttp://www.mamalisa.com/?p=418&t=ec&c=69
Thanks Lorraine Watchorn - Rellco Cluster

Maths - Geometry:http://www.northwood.org.uk/world%20cup%20-%20pitch%20investigation.html
Junior School Literature - South Africa
StoryCove - A World of Storieshttp://www.storycove.com/A PDF of ideas and activities for the classroomhttp://bit.ly/c93mtP

Cluster Teacher Only DayThe Cluster Teacher Only Day was a great way to work together and to look at ways of developing critical thinking in our classrooms. Eric Frangenheim a leading educational consultant who isbased in Brisbane facilitated a whole day workshop with teachers. Eric’s focus was to inspire teachers and to show how higher-order thinking can be woven into the class programme using practical thinking tools and strategies to engage students.Thanks Matamata Intermediate for hosting the day.
Uploaded ppt
The Top 10 eLearning Processes and Tools

mentioned in the latest ICTPD Online Newsletter
1. Web portal: Netvibes, iGoogle
2. Archiving work: Blogs3. Learning spaces: Wikis4. Collaborating online: Wallwisher, Google docs5. Recording learning: Voicethread, blabberize, Voki, Jing6. Creating artistically: web based text tools, art.com, toondoo, shape collage, text2logo.com7. Learning through Literacy games and aligning e-learning with the literacy progressions8. Learning through Maths games9. Visual learning through organizers, maps and words Mindmeister, Gliffy, Flowchart, Wordl10. Sharing presentations online: Slideshare, Sribd, Youblisher
Interface Magazine have a selection of sites for the FIFA World Cup
The official FIFA World Cup site has all the details about matches and groups, as well as information on teams,http://www.fifa.com/
New Zealand Football: All Whites
Find out more about New Zealand’s national team, including news and player profiles.http://www.nzfootball.co.nz/index.php?id=allwhites

McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy
Official tournament sponsor McDonald’s is running a ‘fantasy team’ tournament. Here you can select and manage your fantasy team for the 2010 FIFA World Cup final tournament.

Teachers TV
Introduce the 2010 FIFA World Cup to your students with our selection of programmes on football, sports and South Africa from Teachers TV.http://www.teachers.tv/world-cup
Teaching Themes – World CupOn this site you will find a range of ideas and resources to help you use the World Cup as part of your teaching.www.teachingideas.co.uk/themes/worldcup/
100 facts about the World Cup

Finally, as the title suggests, here are 100 facts about the World Cup from CBS News.

ICT_Newsletter_logo.jpegThe ICT PD Online newsletter for 21 May 2010 is now onlineClick Here
This Newsletter IncludesVideo- Derek Wenmoth talking about cyber citizenship
Discussion around ownership online, Ethical issue #3 - ownership.
Digital Citizens - who will you be?
NZ Curriculum - National Standards - Self review tools for reporting
Digital citizenship and cyber safety module May 10th -28thdigital_citizen_logo.jpgThe Digital Citizenship and cyber safety module is currently live.Issues addressed this week have included; cyber safety in the classroom,text bullying and the importance of modeling the Key Competencies whenworking online.You will see that our cluster story also features here! http://ictpd-digital-citizenship-and-cybersafety.wikispaces.com/

Also Featuring National

NewsKeeping your online reputation in tactMovie.pngAn interview with online reputation expert, Andy Beal aired onBreakfast News, Monday May 17th.Andy spoke about ways to maintain your online reputation andtouched on the issue of what it means to leave a digital trail.For more, go to://http://tvnz.co.nz/breakfast-news/keeping-your-online-reputation-intact-3-51-video-3545380//
Just 3 Steps

The ICT PD Online newsletter for 7 May 2010 is now online click here

The Newsletter Features:Video- Ken Robinson's presentation in Elluminate
WEB 2.0 Tools- Lookah.tv
Software for Learning and Digistore news
National Standards news
Resources - Cockle Bay school implements National Standards.
Recently the University of Waikato hosted a seminar on the implementation of National Standards.Cockle Bay Primary School in Auckland, presented the framework that they have been developing over recent years with their school community.This information is available on the school's website http://www.cocklebay.school.nz/national-standards.html

We Think:

what's it about?

More people than ever can particpate by contributing their ideas, views, information.
The web allows them not just to publish but to share and connect, to collaborate and when the conditions are right to create together.
That is why the web is a platform for mass creativity and innovation.
We Think is an exploration of what that will mean for all of us and the way we work.

Tony Ryan discusses the need for schools to have transformational teachers, focusing on
who we are as being more important than what we teach.
He outlines four roles of a transformational teacher:

‘Energiser' , 'Connector', ‘Entrepreneur’ and 'Sustainer'.

Our first Clustershare for 2010 was a great way to get together as a collective group and make connections.
Our overriding goal of strengthening collegial and cooperativeprofessional relationships is based on finding ways to support each other and become involved in new learning as a professional learning community.smile10.gifThanks Hinuera for organizing the sessions and for your willingness to share some ideas and tools that you are successfully using in classrooms. The range of workshops ensured there was something for everyone and this has been backed up through the positive feedback.
The ICT PD Online newsletter for 26 March 2010 is now online Click here
Featuring: The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book.
Click for link
Click for link
Also it features:
There is a article in the Newsletter about Comic Life which is quite
timely for our cluster as we look at its use and potential in our schools.
Cartoons and comic life from a high school English teacher sharing her journey
with teaching and web 2.0.
For more on how to use Comic Life (and cartoon strips) in your own classrooms
try the following resources.

Leadership Lessons from GeeseThis may have been around a while but the message stays the same...Lesson 1:Those who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going quicker and easier because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.Lesson 2:If we have as much sense as a goose we stay in formation with those headed where we want to go. We are willing to accept their help and give our help to others.Lesson 3:It pays to take turns doing the hard tasks and sharing leadership. As with geese, people are interdependent on each other’s skills, capabilities and unique arrangements of gifts, talents or resources.Lesson 4:We need to make sure honking is encouraging. In groups where there is encouragement the production is much greater. The power of encouragement (to stand by one’s heart or core values and encourage the heart and core of others) is the quality of honking we seek.Lesson 5:If we have as much sense as geese, we will stand by each other in difficult times as well as when we are strong.


The ICT PD Online newsletter for 12 March 2010 is now online Click here

CORE have identified the trends in education that possibly will impact on the work of teachers in the coming year.
They state that the purpose in presenting these trends is to provide a glimpse of the ‘big picture’
within which we operate in the education system. These trends are presented to provoke further
thinking, investigation, and discussion, in order to determine how they may affect the strategic
planning within our schools.
Core's 10 Trends for 2010


A Digital Dossier: It is probably quite apt to put a link to the video **here** after the discussions at our eLearning day.
There is a lot of thought as to who owns what - school or teacher, and then where are we at with the student copyright issues. What happens with extra web 2 tools, passwords and email addresses etc ? You name it, we probably brought it up in discussion, although there will be many issues that we haven’t come across yet and didn’t know to bring up!!!!!

The ICT PD Online newsletter for 26 Feb 2010 is now online
Click here

The New and Improved Digistore via Making IT Happen by Rocky on 2/19/10external image digistore.JPGMany digistore users would have received a pleasant surprise this week when en-route they were redirected to the new fresh -face of Te Pātaka Matihiko- Digistore. New Zealand’s gateway to quality digital content (learning objects and digital resources) now offers new tools and functions to support educators with the effective selection and integration of digital content. Resources will be added progressively, and new features introduced and refined.

What you can expect?• increased discover-ability via browse, search and filter technology.
• to be able to tag and rate your favorite resources
• to create learning paths to ensure quick access for both you and your students
• an associated wiki (accessible via 'Using digital content') created to reinforce the key messages about the effective use of digital content. Examples of how digital content has been embedded into existing programmes and links to other relevant digital content.

Not registered? Don’t know your password: Visit http://digistore.tki.org.nz/ec/access

newsletter-top.jpgRead about the latest happenings at LEARNZ by checking out their latest newsletter here

The newsletter covers:
  1. **Are You Lurking?**
  2. **How Free is LEARNZ, Really?**
  3. **Why I Should Bother with LEARNZ**
  4. **Improvements to Field Trip Web Sites**
  5. **2010 Teacher Manual**
  6. **MyLEARNZ - Why I Should Enrol Classes**
  7. **A Variety of Field Trips in Term 1**
  8. **LEARNZ at Learning@Schools Conference**


Go Carla this virtual fish is especially for you.
You are the first to update your school evidence wiki http://firthevidence.wikispaces.com/Maori. Awesome - check it out.

The ICT PD Online newsletter for 12 Feb 2010 is now online : Click here
The Newsletter shares some stories from Ilam School in Christchurch. These stories tell how the voices of students, teachers, and whānau are integral to learning and teaching at Ilam School and are well worth viewing as we plan ahead in our own schools..
ilam.jpgLeading change at Ilam School
Effective pedagogy
Improving whānau-school partnerships and learning te reo Māori

For the Gadget Gurus: The newsletter also features Youblisher a cool little publishing tool that allows you to convert your PDF files into flippable, readable documents, just like the real thing online!
This could be a great tool for sharing professional readings or for students to publish their own work.

This video is well worth a click of the 'PLAY' button

Can a bunch of school kids really change the world in five minutes a day? This class of primary school kids demonstrate over the course of a week that it only takes five minutes a day to make a positive impact—from recycling to planting fruit and veg and telling jokes. You can find out more and contact the filmmaker, Tristan Bancks, at www.tristanbancks.com. This film was made for Film Australia's Change the World in 5 Minutes project.
See more films and upload your own ideas for Changing the World @ http://programs.sbs.com.au/changethew...