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“An essential element in developing a thinking culture will be the explicit teaching of thinking skills to all students”

Michael Pohl

What are thinking tools and what purpose do they serve?

How can they be incorporated into practice?


The Focus needs to be on:

  • Using & understanding a range of powerful thinking tools
  • Using strategies to enhance higher order thinking
  • Frameworks based on Blooms, Gardner or Solo
  • Transferring Ideas into Personal Practice
  • Creating a 'Thinking Classroom'


Reaching Consensus - Marking Maths in groups

Ideas to Extend Students Thinking

Eric Frangenheim's "Thinking Classroom''
Matamata ICT Cluster Eric F Upload 2010


Thinking Website Links
Six Hat Video
A site simply about 'Thinking'. Templates, thinking tools, resources, question dice..... lots of thinking goodies.Click here

Graphic Organisers

Habits of Mind

Thinkers Keys

Thinkers keys Info

6 Hat Info

Six Thinking Hats

Blooms Revised Taxonomy

Hooked On Thinking

Gardner Resources

L & S Thinkers Toolbox Workshop - Paula Jamieson

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy -

Quick Sheets.These are resources have been created by Andrew Churches for his Presentations. They outline the different taxonomic levels and provide the Digital Taxonomy Verbs with some possibilities for classroom use. Check out his wiki http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom%27s+Digital+Taxonomy
external image pdf.png 1 - Remembering.pdf
external image pdf.png 2 - Understanding.pdf
external image pdf.png 3 - Applying.pdf
external image pdf.png 4 - Analysing.pdf
external image pdf.png 5 - Evaluating.pdf
external image pdf.png 6 - Creating.pdf

Mind Mapping



external image pdf.png Description.pdf

Describing the 16 habits Of Minds

Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick.